Thanks for visiting my blog. I would like to share some furniture transformations with you. It all started in March, 2019 when my husband and I bought a vintage home in the country. We will be moving in 3 years when our daughter graduates, but in the meantime, we need to decide how best to stage this home to sell, and how to fix up our vintage home. I hope you will enjoy this blog as I document my design, restoration, and upcyling ideas with you.


Furniture Transformations and DIY Projects

This blog will keep me accountable for taking pictures, linking to my inspiration sources, and working my way through tutorials.

Why a blog rather than Pinterest? I will be working on my Pinterest skills as I sort through my pictures, sources, and notes.

Why DIY Projects?

  • Because I would like to share my notes as I read and assimilate advice by designers like Susanna Salk and Emily Henderson.
  • Because it will help me develop and share my own ideas about interior design and diy projects.

My mission is to have this house staged and ready to sell in three years, and to fix up our new home.

Here are the challenges I’ll be working through:

  • My daughter dreams of becoming a professional musician in a big city one day, and only wants to inherit the piano.
  • My husband and I have inherited lots of furniture and decor items, as well as decorated a mixed bag of homes over the years.
  • I would like to improve and share painting, re upholstery, and upcycling techniques.
  • I hope to interact with you as I accomplish whole home transformations through DIY tutorials.